Double The Goodness

Mar 4, 2024 Faith, Grief Support, Personal
If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you most likely know the tulip story. 🌷 In case not, a quick little recap :

When we first moved into our last home 9 years ago, my father planted tulips (one for each of us, including himself) in our front porch area while our son watched him admiringly (I will share a video from this moment on my stories). To this day this is one of my top favorite memories HANDS DOWN.

Unfortunately, though, NO tulips ever grew the following years. 😞 We even ended up planting other things in that same area, but nothing would grow there. We thought maybe it was something in the soil, so we purchased new soil to mix in but again, nothing.

My father passed away in fall of 2019. Then that following spring, out of the blue, a single tulip (& not just any tulip, but HIS tulip) appeared.

And every year since then, it would pop up to visit us.☺️

As we prepared to move two summers ago, we knew it was a loooong shot but we decided to try to dig up some of the soil in the area where it would bloom every spring since his passing.

Then last spring, after so many months (most of which it spent in our garage!), somehow his tulip had made it's way to our new home & sprouted up to greet us.

As this spring is now approaching, I started to wonder again if the tulip would bloom for us this year. Yes, even after all these years, it's crazy to say but I still had doubt.

One early morning this past week, the tulip happened to pop into my mind again so I decided to peek over at the side of our porch where the pot has rested all year. MUCH to my surprise (yet again) not only had it budded, but there were TWO now. 😮 I just couldn’t believe it.

I took it as a sign that spring is not only near, but also that just when we begin to doubt, God outshines it with more than we expect.✨

It also reminded me :
We are never alone.
We can grow in any situation.
Even when we don't think we will ever get to the 'bloom', there is work being done in the ground where our "seeds" are planted.
Our individual stories are precious & twice as beautiful than we can ever imagine. 🙏🏼
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