Never Lose Hope / The Tulip

Some of you may remember the story of the tulip, some of you may not. When we first moved into our last home 7 years ago, my father planted tulips (one for each of us, including himself) in our front porch area while our son watched him admiringly from his stroller (I will share a video clip from this moment on my stories today). This is still BY FAR one of my favorite memories to this day.

The crazy thing is that NO tulips ever grew the following year. We even ended up planting other things in that same area, but nothing seemed to be able to grow there. We figured it must be something in the soil & purchased new soil to mix in. Again, nothing.

Then, my father passed away in October of 2019. That following year, out of the blue, a single tulip -- and not just any tulip, but HIS tulip -- appeared. And every year since then, it would pop up to visit us.

As we prepared to move last summer, we decided to try to dig up some of the soil in the area where it would bloom every year. We of course knew that it was not only a long shot that this would work, but also that we would even actually be able to capture 'it' in the big pile of dirt in front of us.

But then… you guys!!! After all these months, I looked over at the pot yesterday & somehow his tulip had not only made it's way to our new home but had also figured out a way to make it's way out of the big pot of dirt! The same dirt that would never grow a thing — and in this crazy weather to boot!

If I am being honest, I didn't think anything would grow as the chances of us knowing where that tulip was exactly at the time of our move was VERY slim. But, God. And, my Dad. They knew... and they knew what my heart would need right at this very moment. And maybe what your heart does, too…

A reminder that we are never alone.
A reminder that we can grow in any & every situation.
A reminder to pay attention to the small things.
A reminder to never, ever lose hope.
A reminder that magic is all around us, if we choose to see it.
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