Bloom In The Dirt

When we first bought our home, my father came over that same week & planted tulips in front of our house with our son, who had just turned one. He was SO eager to do so & they both literally soaked up every moment of the entire process. He told our son he was planting, "One for Mama, one for Daddy, one for him and... one for Dedooooo!" (which means Grandpa in Serbian).

Unfortunately, that following spring the tulips never grew. In fact, anything we tried to plant there in the past 4 years hasn't been able to grow at all.
Then, just as this quarantine hit, I was outside & noticed the beginning of one single tulip blooming... the one that was Dedo's. I am still in disbelief as I write this. Could he have something to do with this? Is he trying to tell me something? How is this possible?

And then it hit me yesterday (after having a couple of anxious days myself) -- even when we don't think we will ever get to the bloom, there is work being done in the ground where our "seeds" are planted. The key is that in order to get to the bloom, we have to TRUST the process, as well as SHOW UP for ourselves throughout it... even when we feel completely stuck in the ground.

I don't know where this finds you today, but I do know that there is great power in shifting your perspective & filling anything that might be trying to dry it out with ALL that makes you grateful. We need to make effort to choose to trust that turns in the road are part of a MUCH bigger & better plan, as well as know that in order to have growth, we must be patient while in (what seems like) the 'dirt'.
Remember, that same 'dirt' can be chock full of nutrients & vitamins & all the things we were actually needing at the time, just didn't know it until we eventually bloomed.

All my love, friends.

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