Wednesday's.whimsy : 4.random.thoughts

random thought #1 :: i stumbled across a quote the other day that i loved & jotted down quickly on a post-it note. i *heart* Emerson & i have no clue how this little pocket of word-sunshine didn't cross my path until now :
ps. i also *heart* post-it notes in every shape, size & color.

second random thought :: i would personally like to give a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge high five to Brad Pitt and his most recent cover of W Magazine. ok, clearly the man is 'reeeeeally good-lookin' however, in my opinion, he made himself 'even-MORE-good-lookin' inside & out by allowing Chuck Close (one of my favorite artists ever) to photograph him au natural, sans any photoshop post-processing. you can see every wrinkle, pore, line, etc. -- BEAUTIFUL. absolutely beautyFULL.
random thought #3 :: i walked past my room today & this image of Emollock sleeping in Jones' bed made me stop dead in my tracks. he looked so peaceful & content. my heart couldn't help but to twizzler-twist itself into a smile because, although he & my dog bicker occasionally like any brotherly siblings would, i realized that 'someone is indeed happy to have the new addition in the house. especially with all the extra luxuries that have joined the environment.'
lastly, random thought #4 :: i received this from one of my best friend's, Rob, weeks ago & it has just been sitting on my desk. so why, oh why, am i posting this?, you may ask....

because i think we all should start addressing our personal mail this way. i remember back in the day i always used to address letters to my friends with 'the beautiful ....' or 'the radiant ....' or 'the wonderful ....' -- well, you get the idea. i don't know what point in time i stopped doing this but i do know that when i received this envelope in the mail, i literally burst out in laughter & smiles. it was so simple, so unexpected & so wonderFULL. if something that small could make my day, why wouldn't i try to make someone's, as well?
happy "wednesday's whimsy" to you.

ps. YOU are AWESOME!
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