Aug 27, 2007 Personal
happy monday! i have quite a lot going on right now & so many things i still need to post (up to & including the two awesome weddings we just documented this weekend!!) -- so i am a busy bee (to say the least!) trying my hardest to get things done! today i was feeling like just sharing some personal stuff... like the fact that i loooove sunflowers & they just make me smile SO big. the other day i was grocery shopping at one of my favorite places... Trader Joes! & i came across these beauties (pictured below) !!! so i thought it would be nice to share them with you & hopefully put a smile to your monday! aren't they pretty!?

speaking of grocery shopping... i absolutely loooove to cook -- it is really soothing & relaxing to me. there's just nothing like putting on some great tunes and cooking it up in my little cute kitchen! creating new dishes that are both healthy & tasty is always a fun challenge. : ) now... finding the time to do so right now with the busy season as often as i would like is even a greater challenge!!!

& for anyone who knows me even a little, they know that i absolutely LOOOVE my two cats (& pretty much just animals in general!). Emollock (pronounced "Ma-lick") is my handsome siamese who will have a conversation with you the second he spots you! Beebs is my pretty princess who is the softest, most cuddly thing ever! both are just as sweet as can be, loved to be loved on & incredibly friendly (i am a proud mama, now aren't I?). : )

what do you love?
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