Saturday, 12.20.08

it was a snowy, snowy day in michigan...

one creature named Emollock (pronounced like "ma-lick") cozied up on a mad mesh of duvet & pillows.

while another, named Beebs, watch the snow fall happily perched from her spot...

...and we musn't forget the pup, Jonsie who so very badly wanted to play!

"what's that?!" did someone say 'Jonsie wanna go outside?'

his eyes glimmered with hope.

"why *ruff* isn't anyone *woof* budging?" he thought and sighed.

he could feel the sunlight tickle his ears...

and with one last attempt, he gave his Mom his "enough with the dang camera, pleeeeeease let's go play" look...

and off they went!!!! needless to say, Jones & the snow are best friends forever.

and as they retired indoors, they watched from the window as the snow continued to glitter around them in the most magical, wondrous way.

just a little post to hopefully put a smile on your face today! i hope everyone is enjoying the snow & finding a bit of time to actually stop shoveling and play.

happy snowy weekend!


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