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  Wednesday, 9.24.08

one of my best friend's & office assistant, Ang, once told me that her brother Ryan's favorite qoute is :

"you should get everything in life as fast as you can & figure out the details later"...

& i remember hearing that & thinking, "i love that!". kinda along the same lines of 'follow your heart, live for today'... but worded entirely differently. wedding season is still in high gear & with how non-stop my days have been, it is truly no wonder that i missed another "wednesday's whimsy" last week. & i know i promised you all a good one....

so here it is... finally!

they say that there never really is a good time for anything...

well, it definitely might not be the best time, however i have always been one to follow my heart & my heart has known for a very long time now that i was ready to adopt a dog. when my eyes first saw this little guy... i knew that i had no choice. everything happens for a reason..., i knew in my gut that he was perfect.

& that, he really is.

after all, i have to keep going on fulfilling that Bucket List of mine!

so without further ado, please meet the newest addition to my family...


he is half Collie, half Golden Retriever & a BIG bundle of unconditional love.

look at his little tongue - SOOOOOOO precious!

he is still getting used to my camera...

& was making the funniest expressions :

i just love him so much :

his eyes are mesmerizing...

& only the future will tell what those paws are going to grow into! can't wait!

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