Energy Balls

I have been asked to share my energy ball recipe soooo many times that I decided it would not only be easiest to share it on my blog (rather than typing it all out via text after text after text ), but then I could also share it with all of you! Trust me, you will be glad that I did -- they do not disappoint.

I created these 'energy balls' when I was inspired by a recipe that simply called for oats, peanut butter, & honey BUT I wanted them to be a bit more nutritious, give good energy & preferably gluten free. Well, I am happy to report that they are not only 'good & good for you' and D E L I C I O U S, but also super FUN to make --- kid tested & approved! #twothumbsup My son asks for us to make them weekly. #truestory

2 cups Organic Oats
1 cup of a healthy nut butter of your choice
1 cup Ground Flaxseed
1/2 cup Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips
1/4 cup Coconut Flakes
1/4 cup Organic Cacao Nibs
1/4 cup Organic Chia Seeds
1/2 cup Maple Syrup
A couple dashes of a good salt (ie Redmond, Celtic, Himalayan etc)
A couple dashes of Ceylon Cinnamon

*Please Note : I make these gluten free by simply swapping the Organic Oats for Gluten-free Organic Oats

Don't hesitate to swap out or add in things like :
a scoop of Equilife Daily Fruit & Vegetable Blend for added nutritional goodness,
and/or Organic Maca Powder
and/or Organic Cacao Powder to make them even more chocolatey with added benefits,
and/or your favorite Protein Powder! Best part, they will never know!

Mix everything together....
Roll into little balls (roughly about 1 inch around) & freeze (yes, in the freezer) for about an hour or so.
That's it! Easy peasy. ENJOY!!! You can thank me later.

PS. Of course you can eat these right away, as well. I just think they just taste better once frozen & definitely hold form best that way, too.

PPS. Thank you to my dear friend Aya for snapping this photo when she got to experience these for the first time. I just love it! (not to mention it was very helpful because these are gone so fast every time, I always forget to snap a photo myself. )
I hope these add some fun (& yum) to your day,
especially with the winter season quickly approaching!
Much love,

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