Embrace : Self Portrait July

"there's room in the song for you"

is what is tattooed across the right collar bone of the sweet barista at one of our new favorite places to get coffee from as a special treat, the Dessert Oasis Coffee in Rochester, Michigan.

"there's room in the song for you," i think to myself. how simple & absolutely beautiful.

lately i have been pretty hard on myself. like, more then usual & definitely more than i would like to admit.
i have been feeling almost uncomfortable and in this personal battle of sorts. i reason & remind myself that i am going through transition, that this is all part of the ride, & that there is a BIGGER purpose in all of this... i know this with ALL of my heart -- this is my conscious choice.

but then my ego creeps in & i start feeling ashamed to be feeling this way when i have SO MUCH to be grateful for.

and grateful, I AM.
that's just it! i am SO RIDICULOUSLY GRATEFUL that i can't help but wonder at times, what's wrong with me?!

then something small happens,
like a small white butterfly that cuts across me in midst negative thought & literally 'lights' my path,
or an elderly neighbor sparks up a conversation with me & reminds me to slooooooow down,
or a personal message at church from a family that suffered deeply from postpartum brings me to silent tears,
or a dear friend shares something so personal & beautiful that my heart warms in a way for her that only God can do,

...or a tattoo on a barista reminds me that no matter how i may feel,
there is ALWAYS room in 'the song' for me.
for you.
for all of us.
we are NOT alone...
and i KNOW this, but sometimes i forget.

so today i am choosing to embrace it.
to embrace the down along with the up.
to embrace the curly & let go of the straight.
to embrace the sweet & let go of the harsh.
to embrace the good skin days along with the bad.
to embrace the skinny days along with the bloated ones.
to embrace the creative flow & be okay with the artistic block.
to embrace the pause & let go of the constant need to be busy.
to embrace the love.

and most of all, regardless of all my daily whole-hearted optimistic intentions,
to embrace who I AM.
to love it.
to allow it.
to know it.
to live it.
to learn it.
to be it.

to embrace whatever IT may be.

without further ado,
my july self portrait :
' embrace '

here's to us all finding ways to embrace ourselves,
our good days, our bad, our quirks, our everything....
& most importantly,
each other.

happy monday


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