5 Unique Gift Ideas!

Dec 9, 2023 Wellness, Motherhood, Personal
Hey! Want 5 unique gift ideas? Here are some of my FAVORITES right now!

---"Issues" by @TheMotherloadOfficial : A variety of pretty little purse sized notebooks that are chock full of questions & prompts that help you to connect deeply to yourself, spouse, friends & family!

---Gratikube by @GoodKind.co : Add gratitude, intentionality & variety into your everyday table conversations.

---Custom hand painted ornament by artist @ErinnSchultz_Art : Hang this gorgeous miniature painting on your Christmas tree or anywhere year-round where you want to be uplifted & inspired.

---Better Every Day journal by @InsideThenOut : A daily guided journal to help you become the best version of yourself containing 365 prompts designed for self-love, reflection & growth! This journal is the perfect addition to your morning or nighttime self-care routine.

---Prana Inflammation Support by @LeefyOrganics : Get your daily dose of anti-inflammatory & immune-boosting superfoods packed with long-lasting health benefits with this great tasting tincture. We use this for any kind of inflammation in our home -- from headaches, to tummy aches, to colds, to cramps. Use code 'KSEN15' for 20% off your order!
---Propolis Throat Spray by @Beekeepers_Naturals : Support your immune system with a daily dose of bee propolis. This all-star ingredient contains antioxidants & other immune-boosting compounds with every spray. I personally keep one of these in my car & in my home for daily use. Use code 'KSEN20' for 20% off your order!
If you find these helpful, I'm happy to share a few more ideas later this week. Just let me know.

Stay sane friends!
Much love, xx. ~Ksen


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