Sacred Soul Retreats : Part Two

happy wednesday! if you are just tuning in,,, i am currently in Costa Rica documenting an AMAZING mind, body & soul retreat with Sacred Soul Retreats. if you missed the first post, please CLICK HERE to check it out!

to say that we have been soaking in A LOT, is pretty much the understatement of the year. as always, i have LOOOOOTS to share... but since it is wednesday & time is not exactly on my hands, i felt inspired to do a wednesday whimsy kind of post.

below are some quotes i have picked up in just the past 24 hours... along with images from the gorgeous Anamaya that i felt went with them.
hope they make you smile!

~Lia, our amazing yoga teacher
(also pictured below )
ATTUNE, ALIGN & ALLOW,,, in order to be in AWE.
~Lori Lipten
the delayed gratification is a much harder path, but a MUCH GREATER REWARD.
~Megan Gunnell
always believe that something wonderFULL is going to happen.
sending love & light to you all,

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