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Mar 5, 2009 Personal, Portrait
fresh, bird-chirping mornings like today put a taste in my mouth that spring is indeed near. without even closing my eyes, i can feel it & see my heart smile.

it wasn't so long ago that i was roaming the cobblestone streets of Florence, Italy with some of my, to-this-day, bestest friends. we didn't really care where we were going or what we were doing,,, as a smart Italian mother once told us, "time? ha! here is no need for time"... her voice most certainly lingered in our ears muffled by our constant conversations & laughter.

it was a time where i truly lived on very little.... and ironically, by far one of the best times in my life. it was the days of pecorino cheese & pears, because the sweet & salty morsels could last all day in our backpacks & saved us a lira or two. it was a great reminder that less is more.

i still buy pears & pecorino. sometimes i cut the cheese, sometimes i break it as we used to back in the day, but always, always, i savior the taste. my lips curl into a smile & remember that life is sometimes a mixture of sweet with salty, however indeed best when shared with friends.

i leave today to go out of town to the gorgeous upper peninsula of our state where i will shoot an engagement session for a most lovely couple. i will be without internet or cell phone coverage,,, wandering the forests, snow & streets. we might not share some pears & pecorino, but what i do know is that what we will share is something far greater than any material taste -- an experience, together.

on that note, please feel free to email or leave me a message. i will get back to you as soon as i return & appreciate your patience in advance!
as i was prepping my pecorino & pear treat yesterday afternoon, i couldn't stop myself from grabbing a few photos of my sweet Jonsie, as well. i just love him so much.....
this is him looking too cool for words :
i hope the rest of your week & weekend are lazy, relaxing and shared with a loved one..... xo, ksen
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