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  Wednesday, 1.1.14

heyyyyy there! i'm Ksenija...

(pronounced more like S-E-N-I-Y-A)

or you can just call me Ksen (S-E-N) ~ truly, whatever is easiest!

i am the artist, blogger & fine art photographer behind this blog & .ksenija savic photography. { also known as KSP }.

when people ask me what i take pictures of, my first response is always " L I F E ! "

i am a photojournalist, driven by a tremendous passion to capture the beauty in all that surrounds us. every day i find myself so humbled to have been given this gift... & i can only hope to be able to give back even more with it. i owe everything that i am to our creator, our God.

i love capturing real moments.

i love to capture you being YOU.

i love LOVE.

and i absolutely LOVE what i do... it connects me daily with what is most important -- passion, life & love !

i am beyond grateFULL to be on this journey.
there is nothing better than being able to work with people,
get to really know them,,,

& be able to give them brilliantly alive images that make their heart smile.

aaaaand for those interested in learning a little bit more about me… here's a snapshot:

i live fully,
LOVE in all aspects of the word,
laugh out loud, cry, embrace all emotion openly, warmly.
i believe in PASSION.
i uphold faith, respect, communication and honesty to the highest degree.
i am who I AM. my world is a mesh of bold color -- turquoise, hot pink, white!
i believe in hugs over handshakes.
my fashion suits my mood. my art suits my spirit. my photos suit real moments. my make-up suits my hand & the face it is working on as it’s brilliant canvas.
my love, my heart suits my EVERYTHING.

... i wouldn't be who i am without the unconditional & constant LOVE from my incredible husband, our family-friends-pets- p e o p l e! i superHEART our four-legged 'children' Jones, Ollie, Emollock & Beebs, BLOGGING! storytelling, CARE CARDS, nutrition, Italia (oh how i loooove Italy!!!), books, cooking, coffee with a shot of espresso & a little whip with sprinkles on top, helping people & animals, painting, hiking, camping, dancing, laughing, puddles, yugoslavia, yoopers, leg warmers, music, music, music, pittsburgh, a great movie on a lazy sunday afternoon, autumn, "sun smell" on your arms, tomatoes from my garden (yum!), MAC lingering brow pencil, my nieces!, my nephews!, cider mills, kickboxing, yoga, thrift stores (any of them), big funky jewelry, small super delicate jewelry, 'never say never', 'ride the waves', ‘how old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?’, Michigan, red pandas (so dang cute), that first smell of spring(yes!), fishing, tarsiers, europe, living room dance parties, traveling, homemade veggie pizza, getting lost, stories, children, the moon, sharpies (all of them), bonfires, ,,, daisies,
sitting at the end of a dock, adventures, road trips, the first sound of lawnmowers in the spring, s t a r s,
sunflower fields with baby blue skies that never end in my dreams.

i hope you enjoy the posts & the adventures to come!

in case you need to reach KSP ...

email :
# : 734.945.9685


i look forward to connecting!
happy bloggin'.

with love & gratitude,


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