Rock It Or Knock It !?

Feb 18, 2011 Personal, Wedding
this morning i was greeted with this lovely announcement below from one of my fave places ever... Anthropologie.

*pause* sigh *swoon*

some of you have probably already heard as well but in case you didn't, i wanted to share the link to their new wedding line called

when you go check it out, you heart will either pitter-patter with excitement & inspiration,,,
or maybe not so much.
either way, i always think it is fun to look at fashion & all things creative.
hence my love for pretty much everything Anthropologie.

however, this thought made me think about a little idea that i have been meaning to post about called :
the idea started when i was getting ready to go to the Kid Rock concert. i had purchased these FAB earrings that i was pumped to wear & as i went to pop them in, one literally snapped off the hook & broke. completely. there was no hope even for the gorilla glue at this point.

but then, i looked in the mirror with my one-earring-wearing-head & thought,
"hmmmph? ROCK it anyway???"

and of course, this tiny little moment made my mind go a' swirling. fashion is such an creative outlet & yet, it is funny to me how there can be this fine line of what is 'rockable' & what is 'knockable'.

but who are we to judge???

ultimately, i absolutely LOVE it when people express themselves in any which way that makes them happy. i know for myself, my style changes daily depending on my mood. how lucky are we to be able to express ourselves so colorfully?

& on that same note, i thought it would be fun to hear your thoughts & opinions. for instance....
& i absolutely...
but maybe you think they are too much? or maybe not enough?! with this early smell of spring in the air, i felt overwhelmingly inspired to share.

so i guess the question really comes down to this :
happy Friday!

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