Wednesday's.whimsy : The Last Five

it is Thursday... i am well aware. however, there were simply not enough hours in the day yesterday for my weekly "wednesday's whimsy". so here is to either a) pretending it is still Wednesday or b) enjoying a "wednesday's whimsy" a day late. whichever you prefer!

this particular post will be the last five fine art photographs & their descriptions from the the first ever ksp art show benefiting ADOPT MORE! (in case you missed the original post, just click here!)

as i type this post, the purr of my cat Beebs is soothing my racing heart & the thin sheet of white snow outside my window is brightening up my studio. ...i cannot help but smile. i don't know about you but there are a lot of different 'stresses' (for lack of a better word) going on, deadlines to be met & of course, never ever enough time to get them all done in the day... especially when you are a crazy perfectionist (let alone even the thought of holiday shopping - which i haven't even begun). yet,,, i cannot dismiss the thought of the new year so quickly approaching & feeling incredibly grateFULL for all that this past year has taught, offered & enlightened me with.

so if your world at all resembles mine slightly, i highly encourage you to take a moment, step outside, breath in the fresh winter air, watch the tree branches sway, catch your breath, smile, make a snow angel, play fetch with your dog, listen to the wind or just "be" for a second.

for just a second,,, let the entire world hug you.

take 3 BIG,


because truly,,, life IS good today. no matter what, life IS good. and sometimes, just sometimes...we all need the reminder from a friend.

and lastly,,, in case you missed the last couple posts, i have placed all 20 photographs (plus a few extras!) from the ksp art show benefiting ADOPT MORE on my online gallery.

*the special as also been extended where 50% of any fine art print or canvas purchased throughout the holidays will go to ADOPT MORE!*


simply ***CLICK HERE*** to view the gallery & get your early holiday shopping on!

happy day beautiful peeps!

with love, gratitude & heart always,

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