My New Papoose!

Jun 6, 2007 Personal, For The Photog
well.... sorta! it's called a 'shoot sac' and it is just awesome!!! created by Jessica Claire this bad boy is a bag that is created for the photographer who likes to be active, & still have easy access to their lenses, gb cards, batteries, personal stuff etc! AND it is AMAZING! I still can't believe all the things I can fit in it and when i strap it over my shoulder it doesn't feel tight & binding. : ) so to me, this is my new favorite bag... & kind of like my "papoose" because in a sense I am carrying my babies in it -- my babies just happen to be my lenses & camera! ; ) i have been super excited about my shootsac every since i first ordered it at WPPI back in March, & most especially since i got it just a few weeks ago, so i thought i'd share with you all (and for all the photog's out there, I highly recommend it!!!).
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