Oct 31, 2008 Personal
hap, happ, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! i hope it is a treat-filled, costume-wearing, laugh-out-loud kind of day! halloween is one of my most favorite holidays... a day where whatever your age may be, you should treat yourself in some special & fun way!

yesterday i was pleasantly surprised by a visit from sweet little Lili all dressed up in her caterpillar costume! i just about died from cuteness-overload & of course had to snap a few pics. i mean, seriously, how could anyone resist this little cutie-patootie?!!! i still cannot even believe how big she is!

at first Jones wasn't sure about the whole photo-op idea with Lili...
but after a second, he did a little investigating, gave Lili a big ol' kiss & realized he was in love! i absolutely adore these two images below -- their expressions are priceless!
he pretty much allowed her to do anything she wanted, too :
and, if i do say so myself, these babies are just the CUTEST!!!
i LOVE, love this image of Lili with her Mom, Julie :
as well as the two below! in the image on the left, we have Grandma Susan (my neighbor), Mom Julie (Susan's daughter) & the supastar caterpillar, miss Lili!
a most happy halloween everyone! i hope it is filled to the brim with laughter & smiles such as the images above!

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