What Sourdough Making Has Taught Me

To be honest, back in 2020 when it seemed like everyone (& their mother) was making homemade sourdough, I just couldn't get on the band wagon. I've always been more of a smoothie & salad girl, bread & carbs were just not my thing.🤷🏼‍♀️

But then, last summer God started tugging at my heart : "It's time to 'rethink' a few things, Ksen."✨ I noticed that I was beginning to get more & more intrigued with the process of sourdough so I began to research it more. By September, I reached out to my good friend, Nikki, after seeing her countless sourdough posts & asked her if she would teach me. She said "Yes!" And that was that. I began & quite frankly never looked back.

Here are a few things making sourdough has taught me so far :

1. It's important to slow down.✨ Not only is making sourdough incredibly therapeutic, it reminds me the importance of taking it easy, pausing more & making things with my own two hands.

2. Nothing beats homemade.✨ There are countless nutritional benefits to homemade sourdough due to the fermentation process of it & zero preservatives (& don't let me get started on how amazing your house smells!) -- it's been eye opening to see my family get so nourished eating bread. I can't help but think that if my Dad were alive now he would be getting a good chuckle at it (& also smiling ear to ear ☺️).

3. To listen to God's whispers. ✨ He has been gently nudging me, this past year especially, to rethink things that I have been doing... even the 'healthy' things. It's been very eye-opening & also very freeing to go outside of my comfort box & actually find great peace.

4. It is better when shared. ✨ About a month after I began my sourdough journey, God told me to start making two loafs -- one for us & one to give away. It has been such a fun journey as I bake weekly & then ask God to show me who He wants me to give the extra loaf to. Honestly, it's been one of the biggest unexpected blessings of this all.

If you are looking to start your sourdough journey, you can find all of the tools I use on my Resources Page under the 'Sourdough' category, as well as Nikki's awesome & super easy online class where she breaks it down in both video & written format -- I honestly couldn't have done it without her!


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