Cast My Cares

Mar 11, 2024 Faith, Motherhood, Personal
This is on my spirit today. 🤍 Personally I find so much peace in prayer. I’ve seen it change things for the better. I’ve seen miracles upon miracles… most times the “smallest” are the biggest.

Lately I’ve been implementing some “Healing Framework” that my husband, Mark Ostach , has shared with me & it’s made the largest impact in my days. ✨ I can share more in detail if you’d like (& I know my husband will soon, too 😊) but it starts by making time in your day to cast your cares to God, ask Him what He wants you to know about them & then release it all to Him. It really only takes a few quiet moments. I personally choose to write down whatever I hear or see. It’s given me so much additional peace & calm to my day, as well as encouraged me to trust His voice that already lives within me.

No matter where this finds you or what you believe, I hope is that this encourages your soul today as it has mine. God speaks to us all so uniquely. Follow the peace & the love & the joy — for there you will always find Him.🙏🏼
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