What Is Rebounding?

Let's chat rebounding, shall we? I was surprised (in a good way ) by how many people responded with "What's rebounding?" in a recent poll I ran on my stories, so I wanted to share because personally, I think it's THE BEST.

First off, it's such an incredible way to get your body & lymph system moving AND it leaves you feeling strong, lean & energized. It's not only easy to do, but the benefits are just, awesome. Here are some of the top ones :

1. It gets your lymphatic system moving, which in turn helps your body flush out toxins, dead cells, bacteria, etc.

2. It works your entire body -- especially your core, legs, bottom & back muscles. I like to pretend I am jump roping so it definitely works your arms, too!

3. It helps improve balance & coordination.

4. Supports bone density & strength, while decreasing bone resorption. Bouncing actually puts small amounts of pressure on the bones, which helps them grow stronger.

5. It helps improve endurance! You'll be amazed at how once you get past the first 2-5 minutes, you'll actually want to keep jumping.

6. It helps support pelvic floor health by working the muscles of the deep core (which in turn helps prevent urinary incontinence & stabilize hip joints).

7. It's an instant mood booster! Your mind & body WILL thank you.

So, there you have it! I hope this helps give you a much better glimpse into what rebounding is. This is the rebounder that I invested in (use code KSEN10 for 10% OFF!), however this is another great option, too! Hope you get out there today & enjoy the day! Stay sane & well, friends. xx
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