Ningxia Red Immune Boost

Anyone else a fan of Young Living's Ningxia Red?! CHOCK FULL of antioxidants & nutrients (the wolf berry has the highest antioxidants of any food on the planet, mind you), it definitely packs a huge punch into a tiny little bit.

These are one of my fall immune boosting go-to’s for the entire fam — the kids are especially crazy about them because they are “Ninja” pouches, so, duh.

Anyway, if you haven’t tried them out yet, I can’t recommend them enough. I personally keep them in the fridge so that they are cool & extra yummy.
As always, if you want more essential oil info. I am always happy to help.
You can learn more info regarding YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS HERE.


PS. If you order a Premium Starter Kit, 2 pouches come with it!

Stay healthy, sane & happy, friends.


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