Superfood // Nutritional Yeast

Jul 23, 2019 Wellness, Recipes, Motherhood
Let’s talk nutritional yeast, shall we?! If you don't know about this super food yet, you can thank me later.

Although the name doesn't make it sound that appetizing - this stuff is DELISH, with a captial D. I found out about it years ago when I did a detox & fell in LOVE -- not only does it have a great taste (kind of cheesy/nutty/savory) but it is ALSO packed with nutrients, particularly B-vitamins, folic acid, selenium, zinc & protein. It’s low in fat, gluten-free & contains no added sugars or preservatives, as well.

I bake with it & add it to so many meals for my entire family... including sprinkling on top of salads, avocado, veggies, pasta, soups, etc for an added boost in taste & nutrition. My kids ask for it daily! #winwin

PS. It’s an inactive yeast so it's nothing like the baking yeast you are familiar with.

Give it a try! I’m pretty sure you will love it. The ones pictured are, from right to left, from Trader Joes & Amazon (I posted it on MY FAVES ON AMAZON page under SUPERFOODS + SUPPLEMENTS, as well).
Any other Nutritional Yeast fans out there?!

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