Tummy Aches Begone

Alright, Mama's! If you don't know about this gem >> Young Living's KidScents Tummygize, I am here to tell you about it again.

It is my #1 go-to when the kids complain of ANY tummy ache. In fact, now they just come up & ask me to "put the oil on it" & my son insists on me drawing a "cement mixer truck" with it on his belly instead of just a circle.

Within minutes of putting it on, they either stop complaining about it altogether or, well, go potty. Honestly, this stuff is theeeee BEST. I attach the little roller ball on top, keep it in a little pouch in my purse & never have to worry that I am not prepared if something comes up. #winwin #itreallyisthelittlethings
In that same handy pouch, I also have Young Living's KidScents Owie Essential Oil (for any surprise bumps, cuts, scratches, etc),
as well as Stress Away, because let's be honest, we can all use some of that often (even our kiddos ).
I have the roller ball attachment to all 3 for super easy application, too!
You can purchase a whole bag of 10 roller ball attachments (technically called the AromaGlide Roller Fitments) through Young Living, as well.

You can learn more info regarding YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS HERE.

As always, I am happy to answer any question or help in any way!

Stay healthy, sane & happy, friends.


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