My Personal Yleo Experience

I have said this time & time again,
however it honestly still amazes me how much Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) have been a complete game changer for our family.

Recently, my husband & I were talking about this particular subject, and we decided to just list off a few of the things that YLEO's have helped us & our family with. It seemed to be mere seconds before my "quickly-jotted-down-list" was FULL -- and this doesn't even begin to touch on how they have helped our animals (that will have to be another post ).

Anyway, I wanted to freeze this 'glimpse' in time for a moment & share with you all. Why?
Because I want YOU to know what I mean by how incredibly powerful & helpful these tiny little bottles of oils can be.
Because I want you & your loved ones to experience this natural type of healing & bliss.
Because, truly, there really is an oil for that!

So here is just a little 'snapshot' of my own personal experience to date...
These oils have not only been helpful in a mind, body, spirit type of way,
but also super fun to use & experiment with every day!
{ Disclaimer }
....and just to show you a quick reference of one of the things mentioned above,
please meet my beautiful niece below.
She was hanging out with us recently & loving on one of our cats, when she touched her face accidentally.
Unfortunately, even though she loves cats, she also happens to be allergic to them.

Moments later she told me her face was itching
and I noticed it looked irritated with tiny little hive-like bumps starting to merge
(see 'before' photo below).

I immediately put some coconut oil on the (clean) palm of my hand,
along with a couple drops each of Lavender, Peppermint & Lemon Essential Oil
and (with her permission of course) rubbed the mix onto the irritated side of her face.

We then decided to time it.
Within the first MINUTE she said that her face was feeling cooled & refreshed...
and not even 15 minutes later the irritation/allergic reaction was completely GONE (see 'after' photo below)!
So awesome, right? I definitely felt a lot better about putting this healthy natural mix on her face,
as opposed to some sort of chemical laden-filled cream.
I hope this post was a helpful 'snapshot' to the radness of Young Living Essential Oils & why I am so crazy about them.

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