Mirror Mirror : Self Portrait November

the very first day of last year, 2013, began with a revisit to my self-portrait series (that i first attempted for a brief period in early 2011). i'm happy to say that, other than getting a tiny bit behind with the hustle & bustle of the summer into fall into holiday time, i stayed on track leaving only the months of November & December to complete an entire year!

so here we are on 'November' technically self portrait wise & per usual, i have much to say, so i will do my best to narrow down my thoughts.

first, with it being the first of the year, i know most of us are writing down new goals or creating maybe even some new year resolutions or dreaming up the infinite possibilities 2014 can & will bring!
with that said, i greatly encourage you to try to take some time every month to reflect on yourself...
your honest thoughts,
whatever it is you may be experiencing that month at that moment -- write it down!!! & if you can, put a pic of yourself or something that represents your feelings at that time with what you wrote.

for me, this self-portrait series has been such a great process... regardless of getting a little behind, it really is actually making the time to do it that means the most. it is a healing process, too. as we know, life is good, but life can be super hard, too. sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in nonsense, especially in this internet driven world.

so as this new year begins, i encourage you to begin your own self-portrait series --
share it with a friend, save it for yourself, put it on a blog!
whatever you do, just write. just begin there.
you will understand the "why" at a later point, & i promise you this, it is SO worth it.
the good, the bad, the happy, the sad. all of it.
whether you know me well, or do not know me at all,
it doesn't take very long for you to know that i am a lover of quotes, words & all things of the sort.
lately i feel like i have been hearing new quotes at the most opportune time... & have been having this huge desire to share with you all!

Mark & i recently watched an old movie called, 'Hope Floats'. it's with Sandra Bullock & Harry Connick Jr... you may know it.
for whatever reason, neither of us had seen it & it was randomly on tv on a night we had planned on watching a movie regardless.
perfect timing, indeed!

what i didn't realize was going to happen as i watched this movie,
is all the hidden messages & quotes that would stir something up within my soul. like this one :

“ Beginnings are usually scary,
endings are usually sad,
but it's everything in between
that makes it all worth living.

So when you find yourself at the beginning,
a chance to float up.
And it will.
L O V E! & so appropriate for the start of a fresh NEW YEAR!

& then, since apparently we were in the mood to watch old movies ,
as we were watching 'Yes Man' with Jim Carey & Zooey Deschanel,
at one point in the movie, Allison (played by Zooey) says,

"The world is a playground.
You know that when you are a kid
& then somewhere along the way you forget it."
what a different perspective on life & reminder to LIVE IT!
the world IS a playground in many ways...
why is it that as we grow older we sometimes lose sight of this, have less patience, make less time to breathe it all in???

lastly, my dear friend Matt recently sent me a text with this quote by Art Linkletter :

"Things turn out the best for those
who make the
of the way things turn out."
i mean, seriously now, HOW TRUE IS THAT?!!!
our perspective & view on things is truly VITAL to how we live & SEE the world.

this is why my self portrait for November is called 'Mirror Mirror'...

because sometimes,
even though i try to always see the glass half-FULL & my cup runneth over,
my 'mirror' can still get fogged up, or 'dirty' so to speak -
it literally needs to be cleaned & refreshed daily,
seen with an OPEN set of eyes
& a HOPE for myself,
for others
& for whatever today,
or the next day may bring.

without further ado,
my november self portrait :
' mirror mirror '
hope you look at today as a GREAT day friends!
with love & gratitude,


ps. if you are interested in more from this self portrait series,
to scroll through the entire set to date!
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