Run Slow : Self Portrait August

“you don’t have to go fast,
just get out there,
just DO IT.

run slow, if you have to. just go! assortment of motivating thoughts would run through my mind when i first started training for my upcoming half-marathon.
being an active person, always up for a challenge, i couldn’t understand why my mind was so resistant to the concept of running?

i have had my bouts of running in the past, but nothing quite like training for a half-marathon which means A WHOLE lot of running every week for months on end -- for me, it is definitely a love-hate relationship.

yet, something about running this time for me has been different.
don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t necessarily been any easier,
just different.

I have run in the rain,
I have run in the high heat,
I have run in the cold,
I have listened to countless hours of Pandora & my running music mixes,
I have waved & greeted many new neighbors,
I have thought far too many deep thoughts,
I have prayed & then prayed some more,
I have closed my eyes & trusted the ground beneath me,
I have hurt in places I didn’t know were able to hurt,
I have been greeted by animals of all kinds,
I have felt the sunshine on my cheeks & felt relief in the shade of the trees,
I have ran past little league games & high school practices,
I have pushed through when I didn’t think I could go any further,
I have gone further then I have thought I could go,
I have convinced myself too many times over again NOT to give up….
all while running.

on top of all of this, i am running with a purpose, which undeniably has been my biggest motivating factor. i am running the Detroit half-marathon with Hope Water Project to help raise money, build wells and bring clean water to the Pokot in Kenya, Africa. there are SO many great reasons to run, but obviously this one has touched my heart in a special way. i have seen first-hand the living situations of the Pokot, & in a way, i feel this is the least i can do to help... it's a start.

running has changed me. i can’t say that my love-hate relationship has really changed all that much, but what has is that i actually crave it! my body & mind will fight me most of the time, but my heart perseveres & gives me that 'knowing', and God gives me the strength...
reminding me that the very fact that i can run, is a blessing all in itself.

it has been inspiring & humbling when i think about the power within me, which is really within each of us.
the power of our own potential, just by putting our minds to it, is truly limitless.

i think the key is to remind ourselves that no matter how far we need to go,
nor what the task may be at hand,
all you have to do is S T A R T.

...and run slow.

it is not a race, it is just a goal….

and a goal that can & WILL be accomplished if YOU believe it will.
to me, this thought really translates to many aspects of our life, not just running.

so next time you are about to venture into an unknown & fear is getting to you,,,
just remind yourself to 'run slow'.
you’ll know when you need to speed up & you’ll know when you need to pause and take a break…
but at least you will be ON THE PATH!

...and that, my friend, is much better then never getting there at all.

without further ado,
my august self portrait :
' run slow '
for more information & to make a donation
regarding my half-marathon for
Hope Water Project,


the half-marathon is less than a month away
& EVERY amount counts!
thank you.
together we really can help create more healthy, happy smiles.
with love & gratitude,

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