Believe : Self Portrait April


there is SO much meaning behind this word to me.

what is it to you?

there are many things i believe in, but one that keeps ringing in my ears even more so than ever is
the possibility of what we can individually do, both small & big, to better this world we live in,
to better the lives of others...
to truly BETTER life in general.

i think sometimes it is all too easy, especially in this digital world of ours, to be distracted or even discouraged,
that you CAN'T make a difference.

but YOU CAN. in our gut, i think we all know this.

as Ralph Waldo Emerson once said,
"What lies behind us & what lies before us are tiny matters compared to
what lies within us."

you don't have to go halfway across the world to make a difference
( although go for it, if that is what your heart is telling you! )...

all you have to do is lead with LOVE.
do what is upon your heart.
hold that door open for the person behind you.
treat your friend to a cup of coffee.
give $1, $5, $10 -- ANY AMOUNT! -- to the next homeless person you come across.
say hello to your neighbor the next time you are walking your dog... even better yet, ask them how they are doing.
smile at a complete stranger. look them straight in the eye & SMILE.
compliment someone -- don't just keep it inside.
write a card or note to someone you know could use it.
volunteer your time or talent towards a good cause.

next time you feel something,
with love at the base,
don't overthink it.

no more hiding behind an invisible curtain.
trust, know & BELIEVE
"the start to a better world is our belief that it is possible."

my april self portrait :
' believe '

it really is the little things that you do
that are MUCH larger then they may 'look' to you at the time.

you NEVER know the trickle effect of what YOUR good deed will do.

...and all because you

pretty awesome, right?

with love,


ps. the 'believe quote' above was shared from The 1 Book!
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