Out Of Office... For Our Wedding!!!

Sep 3, 2012 Personal, Portrait, Wedding
there was a moment in yoga the other day when the instructor had rattled off what felt like a zillion & one instructions, then ramped up the beats & told us to just go. on our own.

the first thing i thought to myself was, i thought i was paying for someone to actually guide me through this?! & no, this is not my first time in the yoga rodeo, but what i personally appreciate about the classes is the instruction, the guidance. if i wanted to just do whatever comes to me, then i would do it on my own in the comfort of my cozy living room in my home.

... & then it occurred to me that
1) i chose to get up this morning to take this class,
2) i was, after all, here for a reason (everything happens for a reason, right? )
& 3) the chances of me doing yoga & being fully focused on me, myself & i ...in my home on my living room floor... are pretty much zero to none.

so i decided right then & there that i had a choice. a choice to call it quits in my mind & silently bark to myself about how this class wasn't going the way I wanted it to go... or to EMBRACE it, have FUN with it, & make it alllllll my own.

i chose the later of the two & you know what came of it? plenty of refreshing deep breaths, rejuvenating smiles, a good sweat & in a way, some of the best yoga i have had in a while --- all because i chose it. go figure!

it was a great & simple reminder of how part of getting great instruction is listening to your inner instructor, as well.

as i am nearing the end of another busy wedding season for KSP, that 'little' inner instructor of mine keeps reminding me how something about this particular season is different... could be something about the fact that my wedding is happening this year, as well!

in fact,,, it is happening THIS week, in just a mere few days!!! so somehow, although this is tremendously difficult for me, i need to put a slight *pause* on my work, my passion, in order to be FULLY aligned & present for my love, Mark, our wedding, our passion & allll the loved ones we have coming in from all over to celebrate our unity.

our souls become one this Saturday September 8th & then we are off on our honeymoon! with all this said, i will be 'unplugged' & in the now of every moment with my soon to be husband... i hope you understand how precious & important this time is for us! somehow, i think you do.

i will be back in the office on Monday, September 24th. all remaining work will be completed with the same love & care upon my return.
in the meantime,
please contact my AWESOME office manager, Angela, for any pressing matters! to email her, simply click here!

& of course, i would never leave you hanging! below are a few teaser images of all the goodness to come. & by goodness, i mean GOODNESS. i know i say this all the time, but i am truly blessed to document such incredible love & connection. without further ado....

the wedding of the fabulous susie + greg
a new type of KSP session, the 'spark session', with the lovely heather + jim
the wedding of the beautyFULL eve + chris
a portrait session with the ah!mazing Whitefield & Sterling family
a KSP sesh with some faces that have graced this blog before,,, the swagtastic aya, matt + ellie
and last, but most certainly not least, the wedding of the uber radiant marla + adam
thank you again for your patience during this special time -- it is truly appreciated!
happy happy Labor day!
with love & gratitude,

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