Wednesday's Whimsy : Favorite Things

happpppy Wednesday! the middle of the week & another day to be grateFULL for.

& on that note, it is time to announce that i am bringing back my wednesday whimsy's !!!

wednesday whimsy you say?! for those of you who may not know what this is, you can read the original post (which began back in 2008!) HERE.

when i read back, the words that jumped out at me were...

i know that in order to make my heart most happy, as well as focus on what this is really all about -- passion! life! love! -- my blog wouldn't be complete without this necessary addition & my readers would never know the entire ME! so now, i aim to dedicate wednesday's to the things in my personal life that inspire & invigorate my soul. here's to a little bit of spice, dash of sugar, sprinkle of sweetness every wednesday!

...aaaand here's to a midweek boost of all things that inspire & hopefully make you smile. i don't know about you, but invigorating our souls never sounded like a bad idea to me. with that said, we are starting this off with some of my favorite things! WHOOP! i have been creating a list for a while now of things that i {HEART}... so here are just a few in no particular order.

one word : Pinterest

thanks to my ah!mazing friend Linda, i was introduced to this late last summer. i finally got on the bandwagon in the fall & if you haven't dipped your toes into this new phenomenon,,, i say don't wait! JUMP in! once you start perusing through, it won't take you long to feel UBER inspired. it's like having an online vision board!
beware though,,, your heart may be smiling a bit too much & not want to stop pinning & creating!
(Linda, you were right!!!)

to find me on Pinterest, just click HERE!
Supino Pizzeria.
seriously. hands down. the best pizza around town.
(& i have tasted many a pizza's. )

do yourself & your belly a favor. make time for some Supino's asap.
aaand Tom's. if you haven't yet experienced a Tom's shoe & all the GOODness that comes from purchasing anything from Tom's, you must check it out.
you know how much i superLOVE organizations that give back,,, Tom's not only does this, but also creates the most comfiest shoes evah!!!
hope this finds you taking some time for you on this lovely wednesday!

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