.mystery Plant.

Jul 8, 2007 Personal
&i absolutely looooove to garden however, unfortunately, time isn't on my side right now & in return my garden has been lacking it's usual love from me. : ( so with that said, it has been very interesting seeing all the things that have sprouted up naturally without any planting or grooming this year!

and there is one surprise in particulat that I call my "mystery plant" --- why?! you may ask... well because it is a gigantic (well over six feet now!) plant and I just can't imagine it being a weed because it would be the most ginormous weed i have ever set eyes on in my life!

instead, this is my assumption... i am a HUGE sunflower lover and every single year I prep & plant sunflowers of all kinds in my garden hoping that at least one of them will make it -- however none of them have ever made it : ( & I could never understand why!? i always blamed it on the little chipmunk (or 'Chipie' as I call him) that lives underneath my door step (who i adore, as well, by the way!) or some animal coming & eating the seeds out of the dirt. I could never understand why they would never grow!

SO this year is the first year that because of my lack of time, i didn't get to plant any sunflowers.... & i think that maybe, just maybe... my 'mystery plant' may just be a most beautiful, tall and happy sunflower!!! : ) how in the world this is possible, i am not quite sure!

but i will tell you that everyday, this mystery plant makes me smile & watching it grow has been so wonderful. i truly cannot wait to see what unfolds and what it becomes, how tall it gets & if my assumption is correct! so i just had to share this fun little surprise with you all... & i will definitely keep you posted on the next stages to come! hopefully one of these posts will be the most amazing photograph of the prettiest sunflower. : )

do you have any guesses as to what it may be???! ; )

below... my mystery plant!
(a few other fun things in my garden that make me smile!)
& the top of the 'mystery plant'... : )
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