on this sticky-hot day in Michigan,,, i have three random things on my mind that i wanted to share with you.

***first up, please meet the newest love in my life.... the Panasonic Lumix point'n'shoot digital camera! this bad boy is 10.1 megapixels with a 24mm wide-angle leica lens, ISO sensitivity up to 3200, manual operation function, & the ability to shoot in RAW (all of which may mean nothing to you or the world, especially if you are a photog!). i have had it for a little over two weeks now & am absolutely enamored with it. from a professional stance, there are SO many things that one can do with this camera while still having the advantage of it being so small & lightweight.

i receive many inquiries regarding 'what camera to get if i don't want a big, professional SLR', so i thought this info could be helpful to some!

with all that said, i also wanted to let you know that i still have great heart for my previous Canon Powershot SD850 (which also featured an amazing wide-angle lens, high ISO sensitivity, image stabilization, etc). although that particular camera model is no longer available, the newer version, the Canon Powershot SD880 is!

between the two, the Panasonic Lumix is a little bit larger than the Canon Powershot SD880, it has the capability to shoot RAW (, and has a slightly wider angle lens. here is a shot taken with the Panasonic Lumix of my sweetheart Jones with no editing or sharpening done to it! pretty awesome, huh?!
***second, is reality. it was sometime around my 19th birthday & my girlfriend bought me a subscription to Fitness magazine, knowing that i was (& still am) very much into health & fitness, as a gift. "plus, all the girls in this magazine look more real in this than other magazines," she eagerly told me. i remember holding the magazine with great excitement -- finally a 'healthy' magazine that portrayed reality. this memory came back to me when i stumbled across this the other day :
truly,,, if Jessica Alba is getting airbrushed, what has this world come to?! and why? for what greater reason? are we so blind as to not see the BEAUTY that is in every single one of us, no matter what size, age, sex, race? yes, BEAUTY!!! since when does 'perfection' go side by side with what is beautiful? what really is 'perfect' anyway & who defines this?

when i saw the image & article above, my heart felt sad. it remembered many a times in my youth of standing in front of my bedroom mirror thinking i was 'too fat' or 'not good enough'... i definitely knew i wasn't 'perfect'! i recalled that incredible weight on my heart & ached for that equivalent weight that might be on someone else's... all because of a twisted version of reality.

i wanted to share this because maybe you know about all the airbrushing that goes into magazines, etc.,,, or maybe you don't,,, or maybe, just maybe you know someone that might benefit from seeing this. this to me is a reminder to appreciate FULLY the beautFULL reality that is YOU!

***third, is the Universe... well, actually that is free for all to enjoy , however for just about the past year now i have been receiving daily emails (short & sweet) from 'the Universe', yes, the Universe. i may sound crazy, but that is just a chance i will have to take because these notes always make me smile & help jump start my day!

for example, here is a recent one :

My wish for you, ksenija, is that you succeed beyond your wildest imagination. That you find love in places that astound you. And that you have friends who call you "just because." I dream that you go barefoot more than you wear shoes. That you play as hard as you work. And that you laugh more than you cry. I want you to set the bar high, but not too high. To reach for the stars, but with your toes on the ground. And to never, ever stop dreaming. But most of all, ksenija, I wish for your happiness.

And these dreams of mine are what started it all.

The Universe

how can one's day not start off right with something like that?! if you want to receive notes from 'the Universe' just click here to sign yourself up!

my wish for you this Wednesday, this week, this month, this year & always... is mentioned above,,, that you succeed beyond your wildest imagination. That you find love in places that astound you. And that you have friends who call you "just because...." happppppppy "wednesday's whimsy" to you!

with love, heart & gratitude,,, ksenija
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