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at the end of July, i was asked to accompany Ambassador Ghafari, the U.S. Ambassador to Slovenia, to a trip to visit the Slovenian community in Cleveland, Ohio. we started the morning with a visit to the newly opened Center for Slovenian Studies, also known as CSS. we then went onward to a fabulous luncheon at Sterles Slovenian Countryhouse. lastly, we concluded the day with a tour of the new Slovenian Museum and Archives & a visit to the Slovenian National Homet.

for almost 8 years now, i have documented many different events for Ambassador Ghafari & it is always a pleasure to be around him (and his family). he is truly one of the most genuine, good-hearted & kindest of people that i have ever met.

as you can tell, i don't normally post events such as these, however i thought this was a bit different & wanted to share a few pics from the day with you. this summer has been filled with many different adventures, on top of my usual weddings, engagement & portrait sessions! it might also give you a better idea as to why i have been so insanely busy!

below, Ambassador Ghafari :
visiting the Center for Slovenian Studies :
... where Ambassador Ghafari discussed the opportunities for U.S. business investment in Slovenia :
during the tour of the new Slovenian Museum and Archives & visit to the Slovenian National Homet :
the gentleman with the Ambassador on the image on the right is the Consul General Dr. Zvone Žigon, who hosted this great day for us :
from left to right, Consul General Dr. Zvone Žigon & the Ambassador :
from left to right, Consul General Dr. Zvone Žigon, Peter Ghafari (Ambassador Ghafari's son), Andrea Finnigan of the U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana, Ambassador Ghafari & Johanna Bajc of Cleveland's Consulate General of Slovenia :
and lastly, after a wonderful & eventful day in Cleveland, (from left to right) the Ambassador, Peter Ghafari & Andrea Finnigan ahead of me, as we embark the jet for our travel back to Michigan!
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