hey peeps. happy fall day to you! it sure is gorgeous out... & yet, something about this weather makes me want to curl up into a cuddle ball on my couch with my two kitties, my new pup and fall asleep with the windows wide open, the cool fall breeze tickling my nose & listening to nothing but the sound of the trees whistling.

unfortunately, today will not be that day -- it has been another non-stop week & today's agenda has been in full swing since 6am! i have, however, enjoyed a few great deep breaths of this awesome air while running errands earlier. it felt really, really good.

and of course, i obviously didn't get to my "wednesday's whimsy" yesterday... but hey, nothing like keeping you in suspense & doing it on thursday instead, right???! well... either way, at least i am keeping up with one a week! LOL.

so today's "wednesday's whimsy" is simple yet powerful. i think that it is pretty darn obvious that our economy is not doing so hot right now & in literally almost a month, OUR VOTES, YOUR VOTE could make a BIG, humongo difference.

now, as you know i am definitely not one to preach politics at all (or pretty much anything really),,,, but i came across this video the other day & it was so well done that i knew i had to share it with you. in fact, after watching it, i have a funny feeling, you too might feel the same way. it is incredibly well done with some great actors... and very amusing. i just hope everyone knows how VERY important their vote truly is. no matter which way you want to vote, the most important thing right now is that you register & have the power to vote in what you believe.

wishing a most happy wednesday on thursday to you!
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