Back to the Basics

Last week I was rinsing my eggs & didn’t realize that I had placed the carton unevenly on the counter, so when I went to grab one more egg to wash, the carton became too heavy on one side & then went crashing down to the ground splattering the remaining eggs. 😩

My response, however, is what caught me off guard. I stood there for a moment, sighed deeply & grabbed some paper towel to begin to clean the goopy mess up.

You might be thinking that that’s pretty neat I didn’t get upset or even ‘cry’ over spilled eggs 🥚 ... but the truth is I didn’t have a response because I was feeling so overwhelmed by my day that I quite literally didn’t have anything left in me to let out.

Do you ever experience overwhelm that makes you feel almost frozen at times? 😔

I have been thinking a lot about how much is being thrown at us constantly & how there is this underlying message being implied of things ‘never being enough’. Yet, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

I thought about the spilled eggs a number of times over the weekend & how it felt like a bit of symbolism, as well. When life feels heavy, prioritize what you need to keep & quite literally toss what doesn’t serve you. 👊🏼

For me that looks like slowing down a bit & tuning back into the BASICS — prioritizing proper sleep, quiet time, daily movement, nutritious food & of course, my family.🤍

In the weeks to come I am going to be sharing more about how to simplify & in turn, feel more alive and truly WELL from the inside out (as I do the same for myself, as well 😉). But for now, tell me — what’s your favorite way to (re)tune in & prioritize yourself? ☺️ Stay sane out there! Lots of love, friends. xx

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