Let Go, Let God

Feb 27, 2024 Faith, Motherhood, Personal
Lately God has been pressing on my heart to get a bit more silent & observe more within my family. To let things just, be. ✨

At first I thought it would be a pretty easy challenge, but I’m realizing quickly that it’s much harder than I expected. Most days I lay in bed at night thinking about how I could have responded differently or been more quiet at certain times... & how much better that would have been.

What I find so interesting is that there is such a great release in letting things just be & unfold as they would naturally! Yet somehow we still don’t want to lose (what we feel is) our ‘grip’ on things.

Isn’t it so ironic that we can feel like we need to hold on tighter to keep things closer, but really the opposite is true? I have found this especially so as my children grow older.

But what I’m noticing is that by letting go, I’m really actually letting God ( fill in the blanks). I’m choosing to put my trust in Him, & by choosing this, I am also teaching my children to do the same.💫

Life is such a beautiful, messy & perfectly imperfect ebb & flow. If this trail of thoughts today resonate with you, I hope you choose to “let Go & let God” a bit more. I also hope you feel less alone in this precious journey we get to call motherhood. xx
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