Being Their Mama

May 14, 2023 Motherhood
Being there Mama is my greatest joy, highest calling & also, my hardest ‘job’. It’s one that never ends, & one that you never want to end. There are so many moments when I look at them & am in awe that they are mine — God gave me the greatest gift of all, being their Mama.

Mother’s Day is always a day of reflection for me… a day to soak in the extra love, words, & affection, but also to check in with myself as a mother & how lucky I am to be not just a Mom, but THEIR Mama. To remember what’s really important & let go of what’s not. To slow down more, be present & really listen to the goodness in front of me.

Yesterday was a full day celebrating both my & Mark’s side of the family. I found myself a bit more quiet than usual as I took in the energy of so many incredible mothers around me. One thing I thought about is that as mothers we all share the knowing of loving someone so immensely that it’s both overwhelming & yet completely familiar at the same time. Being a mother is embedded in us — it’s just up to us to allow ourselves to fully embrace & be who we were meant to be.

Whether you are a mama, wanting to be a mom, missing a mother or a spiritual mom to others, I see you. I appreciate you. Keep shining & believing. You are love. You are loved. We are all more connected than we realize.

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Photo by the talented : @eccampbellphotography

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