Choose You

May 5, 2023 Wellness, Faith, Motherhood
At what point do we stop caring what everyone thinks & actually choose to lead the life we’ve dreamed of? All with kindness & love, of course.

I feel like one of the biggest lessons my 40’s have taught me so far is that perfection is not only not real, it’s way over-rated. The good stuff lies in what we make of the messiness. We must focus on doing what we love & love what we do. Period. Life is just too darn precious!

Of course life will throw curveballs & naysayers, but most days you just need to shake it off, flip your hair back & move forward.

Don’t take yourself too seriously! Choose to invest in your mind, body & spirit - you are 100% WORTH IT. Who’s with me?
(Thank you @eccampbellphotography for this fun capture! )
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