Wellness Wednesday : Ozone Module

Oh hey! You ready for a #WellnessWednesdaywithKsen ? Great! If so, read on.

THIS little guy is one of my hands down MOST favorite tools in our house -- my TheraO3 Ozone Module!
Don't know much about the awesome benefits of Ozone? Here's a quick snapshot of what it helps with:

Pain Relief & Inflammation
Improved Blood Circulation
Stronger Immune System
Better Joint Mobility
Supports Cell Function
Antifungal, Antibacterial & Antiviral Properties
Anti-aging Benefits
Brain Function Benefits
Wound Healing
Healthy Glow to Skin
Enhance Hair & Nail growth
Give you more physical energy
Helps improve your ability to fall asleep faster & more easily.

Ozone therapy is a very effective way to increase the amount of oxygen in the body & especially the blood concentration. It's a powerful treatment & healing protocol for anyone, especially those suffering with a chronic or acute health condition. Ozone therapy improves the body’s capacity to tap into natural sources to heal itself & achieve more balance.

I also love adding my TheraO3 Ozone Module to my Infrared Portable Sauna (blog post coming soon ) because it enhances the absorption of the ozone through my skin 8-10 times, which increases my overall blood oxygenation levels. This helps detoxify, improve the function of my immune system & kill off harmful pathogens.

You can use this Ozone Module to sanitize the air around you ANYWHERE -- in your home, car, plane, sauna... basically anywhere you want to be sure to kill germs, bacteria, viruses, etc!

Lastly, but a MAJOR bonus in my eyes, TheraO3 Ozone Module also has an ION button which when on, releases negative ions into the air which helps you relax, balance the body & have better sleep! I literally use this every night, as well as around the dinner table or when watching a movie with the family, etc.

So basically, if you are looking for an affordable portable Ozone device, I can't recommend this one enough.
You can check it out here & use my code KSEN10 to get 10% off!
Watch this quick video if you want to learn even more :

DISCLAIMER : Please note, I am not taking the place of your licensed medical professional, I do not diagnose and do not take responsibility for your health. I encourage you to do your research & seek out conversations with medical professionals that you trust and love. I cannot promise you any certain results, but I can tell you that I only speak what is upon my heart & from my own personal experience.
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