Unapologetically You

Feb 10, 2021 Wellness, Motherhood, Personal
I heard this recently, loved it & scribbled it down. After thinking about it more, I almost think it should read more like,

"Be you, unapologetically... but do it with your HEART leading the way."

I think sometimes we can easily mistake being ourselves & holding strong to what we believe in, but not necessarily being KIND while doing so. There really is a fine line, isn't there?

Personally, 'being me, unapologetically' has never been easy for me. Being a natural born people pleaser & always wanting there to be peace in the room has made me hold in more times than I would like to admit. However, truly realizing your self worth & that you are enough, just as you ARE -- living, breathing, learning, growing & simply allowing yourself to be -- makes you realize that by not "being you, unapologetically" you are actually holding back the most beautiful & unique parts of YOU. What a shame for the world to miss out on that!

Let's just aim to do so with heart, with love & with kindness leading the way. All my love, friends. xx
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