Do Not Fear

Jul 30, 2020 Wellness, Faith
When I chose to begin the challenge of living AWAKE for the next 100 days , I did so because I knew it would be an actual challenge (for me). For instance, if I had chosen "workout for the next 100 days", that wouldn't be the challenge I needed as I knew in my gut I could actually do that since I already have working out as part of my routine.

But, to aim to be present to the day with ALL of the constant commotion that surrounds us (ESPECIALLY these days)... well, now THAT would definitely be a challenge. I'm only 17 days in & I can tell you, this challenge is working. There isn't a day that I am not aware & showing up. It's been challenging in a way, however I am already noticing the benefits. Even when anxiety hits me, I feel like I am so much more aware of it & able to recenter myself. It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it IS bettering my life (& in turn, those closest to me), so I'll take it!

I jotted these words down a little bit ago because they really stood out to me when I was doing a bible study with some friends :

"Do not fear, the master of the sea is with you."

Isn't that such a comforting thought? God keeps showing up for me throughout this challenge, reminding me to keep going, I'm on a path & He's walking beside me cheering me on.

What would you challenge yourself to do if you knew it would better your life beginning today? .... What's stopping you?
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