Podcast // Unlocking Us

With so much media coming from many directions lately, I decided to prep a blog post that has some of the key things that have brought me great comfort & inspiration right now. However, before I launch that post, I thought this one deserved a post all in of itself!

If you haven't heard of Dr. Brene Brown, well, you can thank me later. She is authentic, vulnerable & just downright awesome. Oh yeah, & she also happens to be a researcher who has spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame & empathy AND the author of FIVE #1 New York Times bestsellers. In my personal opinion, her new podcast, "Unlocking Us", is something we will ALL benefit from listening to & not just once, but multiple times -- it's THAT good, friends.

I just recently got lost (literally ) taking a long morning walk & listening to her podcast with David Kessler & Brené on Grief and Finding Meaning. Although I am grieving in my own way from losing my father, the truth is WE ARE ALL GRIEVING right now. This podcast is so profound & moving, that I just kept thinking, "E V E R Y O N E needs to listen to this." I can't imagine it won't bring you comfort, especially during this surreal time.
I am not sure what you are doing to add some pockets of inspiration to your days, but I can't stress how important it is to do so. So, I just thought to share as this Coronatine weekend is upon us, make time to give a listen -- I promise you won't regret it!

& PS. Don't stop there! They are all so, so good. Uplifting, encouraging & motivating.
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