The Michaels Family

Jun 10, 2019 Portrait
If you've been following this blog for years, then the Michaels family will look quite familiar to you (check out these previous posts to take a trip down memory lane ).

This year, believe it or not, Ryan will be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah!!! I am still in denial.

We got together to capture this special time as a family unit first... & as always, had a blast! It's never NOT a fun time when it comes to the Michaels family.

Below are some of my favorites... hope you enjoy!
Jenny, Eric, Kate & Ryan -- life is pretty sweet & you guys make it even sweeter.
Thanks for always being up for the adventure & for allowing me to capture this keepsake memories. It is truly an honor!
I cannot wait to capture Ryan's Bar Mitzvah later this year. With so much love & gratitude, Ksen

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