Thank You 2015

Jan 1, 2016 Motherhood, Personal
i normally write this post on New Years Eve,,,
but the "right" timing just didn't present itself yesterday.

so here i am today & i am almost at loss of how to describe my immense gratitude for this year,
for this precious life of ours, for every-single-thing.

if i had to sum up my feelings on 2015 in one word, it would definitely be GRATEFUL.
i have experienced gratitude in an entirely new way this year... feeling it so deeply that it has grounded me & made me even more aware of how less is so much MORE. i think it is easy (especially these days in the technology/market driven era we live in) to allow our thoughts to be almost 'created' by society... if that makes sense?

but the truth is that if we all take the time to just BE STILL, deep down inside we know our truths. we know who we are at the core, who God created us so perfectly to be, and that what we "need" is truly within us. i thank God for this & for helping me hear His whispers even more clearly this year. i will never stop thanking Him for all that we have, all that He constantly provides for us & for ALL that He is in our lives.

i am beyond grateful for our health, our shelter in a new home that feels like it was made just for us, for nutritious food in our bellies, for laughter ringing throughout our home, for a vibrant growing baby boy who inspires & ignites the depths of our souls, for random dance parties in our dining room, for a God-fearing husband who is devoted to his family beyond measure, for our family & friends who light up our lives, for the protection & guidance of our Lord above whom we would be nothing without.... & so. much. more. my list goes on, as does the never-ending gratitude upon my growing heart.

despite of all of this gratefulness, 2015 has also been a trying year emotionally for me in ways. upon becoming a mother, my heart grew ten-thousand million times & therefore allowing not only feelings of immense LOVE, but also extreme empathy & fear thoughts.
i have felt a great heaviness to my heart when i think of those who are struggling, dealing with health issues, having difficulty conceiving, dealing with loss of loved ones, feeling alone, without shelter, in foster care, without family --- unfortunately, this list goes on & on, as well.

then i remind myself that i am not in control of what can happen or is happening...
but I AM in control of who I AM & what i give as a human being.
i remind myself of Corinthians 13:13 :
"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is LOVE."
and that in the end,
LOVE truly is the greatest thing i can give, share & be.
last year i kept hearing the words,
& this year i have already been hearing God say to me,

so no matter where this finds you today,
whether you are eager or fearful of the year ahead,
i wish you the truth that is upon your heart.
i wish you a year & life that is FULL in ways that ignite your soul.
i wish you great
& LOVE beyond measure.

from my family to yours,
Happiest New Year...
here's to a brilliant, abundant 2016!
ps. every year since having our son we have started a new tradition of setting up the tripod & just seeing what happens.
i love what transpires & cherish the 'imperfection' of these photos because they are real, fun(nny) & US!
much love,

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