Sarah & Garrett

Jul 5, 2012 Wedding
i actually first met Sarah when i lived in her subdivision & received her mail one day by accident. i will never forget meeting her... i had just knocked on her door, no one answered & was about to head back home when she walked up after coming back from a run. you would think she would be tired, but nope. not Sarah! she has such an incredible zest & uplifting energy. as we chatted away, we quickly realized we had some mutual friends in common (two of which i had photographed their weddings!). i loved how it was such a small world.

fast foward to earlier this year when i received a phone call from a newly engaged Sarah inquiring about photography for her wedding! we instantly connected again and after meeting both Sarah & Garrett at the studio... i just kept thinking how there really couldn't be a better match. these two literally glow together -- they are 100% smiles, laughter & love. oh... and tons of FUN! their wedding took place at the beautiful Saint Hugo's & carried on into the night at the awesome M@dison. it was a celebration & party that will be forever remembered.

Sarah & Garrett,,, have i told you guys lately how much i absolutely adore you both? oh, yeah... cause i do. i cannot tell you what a pleasure you were to get to know better & work with -- thank you for totally trusting me to do my thing! Angela, Abbey & i had a B L A S T!! i have been on MAJOR perma-grin mode editing your images & am SO excited to finally be able to share with you the sweet story of your day. i hope they bring so much love & light to your hearts, as you have to mine. with great heart & gratitude, always, ksen

this is Sarah. what bride jumps on the bed on her wedding day? oh, that would be Sarah because
Sarah is F A N T A S T I C !!!

ps. the 'love' bracelet was from Garrett. can we say LOVE?!
the fancy details
including her very special wedding dress worn by her mother, her grandmother...
her mother helping her get dressed
... & a few more fun details! their gorgeous flowers were created by Blossoms in Birmingham.

Sarah, has anyone ever told you you are absolutely EXQUISITELY stunning?!
ready to see her sweetie
Garrett was looking quite handsome himself that day.
& definitely ready to see his Bride!
their first sight
sarah + garrett = happiness
love. everything. about. this!
let the ceremony begin!
it's O F F I C I A L!
mr & mrs.
onward to the M@dison!
love is so beautyFULL
{HEART} Sarah & Garrett!
{HEART} Detroit!
yes. fireworks. because that's just how they roll.
their first dance
party on the rooftop. oh YEAH!
all you need is love, love, LOVE
and last but not least, to end on one of my TOP favorite images from the evening!
CONGRATS again Sarah & Garrett!
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to view the slideshow & see many more photographs from their wedding day!

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