Sacred Soul Retreats : Part One

if some of you saw my recent Instagram tweet, you know that i am currently in Costa Rica. WAHOOOO! it has been quite a journey getting here & i had no idea what to expect -- my kind of journey.

with that said, there are three things I need to share with you.

first things first! while i am away, please EMAIL my awesome assistant Angela for any pressing matters! just CLICK HERE to email her. thank you.

second, normally when i am traveling i not only lack the time to blog along the way, but also lack the internet usage. however, last night, i felt a HUGE calling to blog & share this experience with you all. so,,, despite the bit unstable internet, i am going to make an effort to blog – DARE I SAY IT? -- daily?!!!… or at least as often as the Universe will let me.

third, you should probably know why i am here! i am documenting an INCREDIBLE retreat, called Sacred Soul Retreats, which is lead by two ah!mazing women, Lori Lipten & Megan Gunnell, & taking place at the breathtaking resort Anamaya Resort!

to say that i am honored & humbled to be here is beyond an understatement. i am truly in A W E. not only with the Avatar-like scenery & luscious-every-single-thing, but also with the pureness in the air, the sounds of howler monkeys to chirping geckos, the buzz from sweet hummingbirds, to the feeling of the Costa Rican heat on your skin.

the raw essence of this place is absolutely captivating. my heart has opened on an entirely new level.

so to begin,,, here is the start of the journey in Costa Rica with Sacred Soul Retreats. below are a few to taste your palate ... however,
be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post for EVEN MORE images!!!

after two connecting flights, we finally landed in San Jose, Costa Rica!
Barnabi (to the right) was our awesome driver with the Montezuma Expeditions Shuttle Service.
along the way. i learned that he lives in two cities -- one near the airport for work for 4 months & the other with his wife and their two year old son for 4 days... and then back to work.
needless to say, right from the start, i was blown away.
the shuttle ride was fast & bumpy, so i wasn't able to capture the gorgeous scenery on our travel towards the ferry --
except for this one image when we stopped in traffic for a millasecond.
however, to me this image says SO MUCH.
by the time we were on the ferry, the sun was starting to set...
cotton candy sky...
do you see the four birds in the distance?!
it was about 8:00pm when we arrived at Anamaya...
which was technically 10:00pm Michigan time. after getting up at 4:30am to begin our travels,
it was SO nice to be greeted by this insanely delicious organic meal...
& of course a peace sign.
our front porch...
love all the details here... from the largest to the smallest.
this may be one of my favorite shots to date. LOVE.
our pool...
the yoga deck!
a few more of the fancy details
some banana's & breakfast
yesterday we headed into Montezuma to check out their downtown & beach!
there was a bit of everything
i { HEART } horses
the food here is DEEELISH with a capital D!
this was our lunch yesterday... red snapper, avocado cucumber tomato salad, broccoli-carrot cake with quinua.
yes, i am in heaven.
the view from the pool
our official welcoming night... & dessert!
which ended with an ahhhhh!mazing ariel yoga & fire dancing as our welcoming surprise performance!
he's on F I R E!
seriously. SO. insanely. beautyFULL.
*** CLICK HERE!!! ***
to view the slideshow & see many more photographs from this amazing retreat & experience!

& stay tuned for more!
with love & blessings from Costa Rica

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