Giving Back : Walk To End Alzheimer's

Sep 7, 2011 Giving Back
i was on the phone the other day with the AWWWEsome Heather catching up on
& all things photography (of course )
...and in the midst of that, we brought up the 2011 Walk to End Alzheimer's -- an annual walk that Heather has participated & helped raise money for many years now.

then Heather said something that i thought was SO awesome :

"i was thinking that for an event i assist you on, i would like to donate my pay towards the 2011 Walk to End Alzheimer's."

i mean, how COOL is that?!!!
i felt so inspired by her generous nature that i decided i had to blog about it.
in general,,, it made me start thinking more & more about the organizations that i donate too & the importance of spreading the word! so what better way than to start with the 2011 Walk to End Alzheimer's!
here are a few personal words from Heather whose Grandfather suffered from Alzheimer's...

"My Grampy was such a quiet, calm presence in my life... someone that i loved just being around... while he couldn't talk to me about everyday occurrences, he would tell me about his planes he flew in the navy, or the weather... or he could sit with me in silence and do a jigsaw puzzle, or get out a bucket for me to help pick green beans from his garden- and he would always greet me with a smile no matter how much he was suffering on the inside to communicate what he wanted to say. the Alzheimer’s, luckily, did not keep him from recognizing his family. although he couldn't interact with us like he wanted to, he knew who we were, until his last days. we were so lucky for that. my memories of him are quiet, peaceful, and loving.

i raise money for the 5 million people like him who suffer,
and for those who are in pain having to watch their loved ones lose their memories of such accomplished lives.
it's important to me.
so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I know I can make a difference with your support! The Alzheimer's Association is the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer care, support and research, and funds I raise will go directly toward supporting their efforts. Will you consider making a donation? It’s easy to give online by following the link below :

to donate to this amazing cause!!!

her grandfather was also into photography! looks like that passion clearly carried on to Heather . below is a photograph Heather shared with me of her Grampy in his plane in Japan! talk about AWESOME.
there are soooooooooo many wonderFULL organizations out there making a difference....
thanks Heather for believing in the Walk to End Alzheimer's & showcasing your generous spirit through your actions!

i am not sure where this post finds you...
donating your time,
your money,
your heart
to organizations that you feel drawn to?
that you feel you MUST contribute, you MUST help?!

however, what i do know is that no matter where this finds you,
somehow, somewhere, i BELIEVE
there is a little piece in each of us that wants to make a difference,,,
even though at times we feel a struggle to do so due to many things that life throws at us.

this is where i encourage us all to remember that

really does count!
even if we can't donate 'much'... our 'much' is MUCH bigger than donating nothing at all.
i challenge us all to give more than we receive.
there is truly nothing more rewarding & humbling than giving back,,, even a bit at a time.

we all have SOO much... instead of craving even more as society tends to drives us to do so,
let's see what happens when we choose to

i have a funny feeling it will be something indescribable,
& surely,,,
induced with L O V E.

so here's to the 2011 Walk to End Alzheimer's.... a cause i have donated to & this year choose to double my regular donation!

hope this finds you all smiling after a rejuvenating Labor Day weekend & feeling inspired!

with love,
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