Jul 16, 2010 Personal

someone verrrrrrrrrry special turned 2 today.
who could it be???!
'could it be,,, ME?!!!'
oh yes Jones! it is YOU! ...so i gave him a little birthday 'ducky' treat :
& i may have teased him slightly that he couldn't 'play' with it....
however, Jones-ie wasn't too fond of that idea :
he & poor little ducky soon found out that i was just messing with him!
aaaaaaand fast forward 2 seconds later,,, 'ducky' was no longer with us. Jones didn't seem to find this to be a problem.
to my sweet angel puppypants, if i could really show you my love through the internet, i think my computer screen would BURST. true story.
thank you for another beautyFULL year of laughter, long walks, sun dancing, snow-angel making, ball-chasing, head-out-the-car-window, road-trip, grass rolling-loving adventures! my life would be soooooo much less FULL without you & your unconditional, amazing love. i can't even imagine.
thank you for all that you are & all that you do,,, without even knowing you are doing it.

you fill my heart FULL of happy every. single. day.
i WUFF you!
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