Jessica & Rj

May 23, 2007 Portrait, Engagement
Jessica & R.J. are seriously the cutest!!! getting married on the 11th of november this year, we decided to take advantage of the colorful, brilliant spring days we have been having! these two are much fun to hang out with & be around... but on top of all that, what i love, love, love most about them is how gentle & loving they are towards each other. i adore the way that i see them both look at each other, hold hands, & laugh a lot together! we roamed around downtown birmingham & found so many great spots to have some fun at... just see for yourself! ; ) it was an afternoon filled with smiles & many great moments exchanged between this amazing couple!

Jessica & R.J... thanks so much!!! i cannot tell you how much i enjoy working with you both... you are a pleasure to be around & i am very much looking forward to your wedding day! : )
i love that they are the only two people in the photo below... as if they are in their own bubble. : )
i *heart* the movement & energy in these!
(an inside joke...{sort of!!!}...between these two) ; )
a fun series in the grass : )
i especially adore this one!
& this one...
& this one... okay! okay! i love them all!!!
: )
i absolutely love the mood in these photos... they are innertwined with each other & it is just so soft and beautiful.
how adorable are they!!!?
and gorgeous i might add! : )
& we ended our perfect day with some of jess's fav coffee -- the one, the only, Starbucks! : )
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