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May 7, 2009 Personal, Wedding, Make.up
it is late, & i definitely know i am so pushing my regularly scheduled "wednesday's whimsy"... but tis the start of the busy season, what can i say?!

i have been feeling rather a combination of nostalgic & uber inspired lately. funny how the two can seemingly go so hand-in-hand... it makes me really think about how lovely it is that the adventures experienced in our life can mold the inspirations of our tomorrow.

my sister, Olga, married the love of her life, Dante, last year on August 23, 2008. due to my busy schedule i haven't been able to get around to posting their images until now. however, the irony is that i think i almost appreciated them even more now.... going through these images made me re-realize the INCREDIBLE importance of photography all over again (as if i already didn't have a million reasons ). as important as i feel it is to live in the now & take mental snapshots of everything happening all around you,,, there is also something to be said about reliving the memory through photographs taken.

my sister is my one & only sibling,,, so experiencing her wedding day was something almost surreal. i was her Maid-of-Honor, so i didn't take as many photographs as i would have liked, but just enough so that i could always remember the unrehearsed moments that occurred -- and i am so glad i did. looking back, it is wonderful to me how some things i thought i would never forget, i was most happily reminded of with the image taken.

below are some top favorites from the day,,, however be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post if you would like to see even more images!

we started the morning at Prime Salon, where my cousin Marina was the mastermind behind Olga's hair:
some of her fancy details :
Ciara, Dante's sister, grabbed my camera & snapped this rad image of me doing Olga's make-up (thanks again Ciara!) :
Olga looked absolutely radiant if i do say so myself!
olga + dante :
boys being boys :
Dante was looking quite dapper :
my sister right after she opened her wedding gift from Dante :
Westborn Market painted their wedding with awesome flowers :
my dad
my mom , my cousin Cindy .... everyone was all perma-smiles that day.
Dante is an incredible photographer himself so i loved that he let me play around with his portraits :
the cufflinks were Olga's wedding gift to Dante,,, which she custom-designed using their logo (created by Dante) for their wedding :
i *heart* bow-ties :
i adore this picture of Ciara & my Dad in the limo because i caught my Dad in mid-sentence... and for those of you who know my Dad, you know he LOVES to talk, so i cannot help but smile :
right before the ceremony i caught this moment between Dante's Mother & mine which i love :
fast forward past the ceremony (as much as i would have loved to, i couldn't carry my camera down the aisle )... as we were sitting around for formals, Dante snapped this photograph of me. i like it because my camera bag is right next to me,,, which pretty much sums up where it was most of the day.
mr. & mrs. stella !
i adore this image :
the Stella family pretty much rocks :
Dante also snapped this rad pic of Davidde (his brother) & i hamming it up in the limo :
Davidde & Ciara :
i just couldn't get enough of Olga's bouquet -- i loved the richness of color :
once at the Detroit Atheltic Club, we did a few more newlywed shots :
a definite top favorite from the day :
their first dance... this is also another top fave :
are they cute or what?!
Music Box rocked the dance floor for us, of course :
father/daughter, mother/son :
...and some more happy moments!
it is hard for me to explain this image well,,, but if you know Dante & his sense of humor, this moment should make you smile as it does for me :
at the very end of the night, i had to snap a few of one of my bestest friend's, Em (who photographed the wedding, along with a good friend of theirs, Don Cardwell), & i (zoolander,,, WATCH OUT!) :
Olga & Dante,,, congratulations! i love you both very much & wish you a lifetime of great happiness, laughter & smiles galore.
**** *CLICK HERE!!!* to view their slideshow & see more photographs. happy day to you!
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