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Apr 21, 2009 Vendors I Heart
i am a firm believer in following your passion & breaking down those 'fear' walls that life tends to put in our way all to often.

therefore, when a dear, not to mention uber-duper sweet client & friend of mine, Erin, told me she launched her brand new website for her new company, Pulp & Honey, i literally wanted to jump up on my kitchen table & do a little jig of joy! i was all smiles & slapping my computer screen some internet high fives!

i originally met Erin when i photographed her sister & brother-in-law, Allison & Matt's, wedding in September. when i saw all that she had created for the wedding (including the awesome invitation below), my mouth literally kept dropping. i couldn't believe how beautiful & unique her creations were... but something else caught my eye most of all -- they were made with so much *heart* that you could literally feel it when you looked at or touched them.

so it may not be much of a surprise that i would want to share a business with you that is so unique, passionate & truly created with love for each & every client. since Allison & Matt's wedding, Erin & i have kept in touch and i can tell you first hand, she is one incredible soul. truly one of the most delightFULL, heartFULL, & wonderFULL people that i have ever met. (...side note,,, since then Erin has gotten engaged, as well & i also have the great honor of documenting her wedding this coming October! so this is not the last you will see of Ms. Erin on my blog! yippee.... i cannot wait!)

i always love to know more about the company through the owner's eyes, so i asked Erin to tell me a bit about her company in her own words. this is what she wrote :

"Pulp & Honey" stands for my true passion of handmade things, brought to life. The reason I picked the word "pulp" is because I love the idea of something being handmade by an actual person. Pulp is the beginnings of how paper actually comes into existence. This is how I begin each design, with pencil and paper. The reason for the word "honey" is just for its sweet simplicity. My goal is to bring thoughtfulness to more people in different, graphic ways!!! People always remember how you make them feel. I want to help my clients send a positive message of clear communication to their audience!

with that said, i LOVE the background behind the company philosophy, i LOVE the name (so much!), i LOVE her work & i LOVE Erin! so if you are in need of something creative, fun, heartfelt & unique for your wedding, event, shower, bat mitzvah, etc., i would highly advice you check out Pulp & Honey!
here is a photo of the invitation she created for Allison & Matt's wedding... however, like i said earlier, that is just a taste of all the fabulous touches she had a part in for their wedding day!
...& below is just a snippet i grabbed from her website of more of her awesome work. just click here to see more!
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